Sunday, August 21, 2011

Who Want To Eat Namewee's Nasi Lemak?

Last time condemn Negaraku Song, now Namewee directing a film "Nasi Lemak 2.0" like a symbol that he loves the country Malaysia. Mee think this is not sincere effort but just trying to cover the problems he did before this; cursing at TNB, some more cursing at school principal in Kulai and the famous and the famous one, making joke about Negaraku song.

Mee think he afraid that nobody will watch the film so he ask popular guys like Afdlin Shauki, Adibah Noor and David Arumugam to join film. Namewee said he want Chinese people in Malaysia to understand the Malay and their culture in Malaysia.He himself don't understand about sensitive issues to the Malay now he want other to understand? Mee think it's crap!!! They can call mee racist but mee think they are the father of all racist!!

So if you think you like what Namewee is doing and believe he is a good man, watch the film starting 8 September, 2011 in the cinema. Mee won't go! Just wasting my time. You think 1 film can make Chinese people understand about Malays? They already live with Malays over 50 years but still don't understand!!


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