Sunday, August 21, 2011

Who Want To Eat Namewee's Nasi Lemak?

Last time condemn Negaraku Song, now Namewee directing a film "Nasi Lemak 2.0" like a symbol that he loves the country Malaysia. Mee think this is not sincere effort but just trying to cover the problems he did before this; cursing at TNB, some more cursing at school principal in Kulai and the famous and the famous one, making joke about Negaraku song.

Mee think he afraid that nobody will watch the film so he ask popular guys like Afdlin Shauki, Adibah Noor and David Arumugam to join film. Namewee said he want Chinese people in Malaysia to understand the Malay and their culture in Malaysia.He himself don't understand about sensitive issues to the Malay now he want other to understand? Mee think it's crap!!! They can call mee racist but mee think they are the father of all racist!!

So if you think you like what Namewee is doing and believe he is a good man, watch the film starting 8 September, 2011 in the cinema. Mee won't go! Just wasting my time. You think 1 film can make Chinese people understand about Malays? They already live with Malays over 50 years but still don't understand!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Along Also Got Hari Raya Promotion

Nowadays Along (some people calling loan shark) also give Hari Raya 2011 Promotion. This is to trap people who need money to buy baju raya or make kuih for Hari Raya. Along say that their rate is low like 1.5% and they can process the application in 30 minutes.

Wa.. so terer one mah, in 30 minutes can process application. Mee think that Banks should get them to work so that can speed the process there. Along must have skills to do this because they got many customers.

This along will charge interest RM5677 a year for RM10,000 loan. Waaa like that one ha? More than 50% is interest? Mee not clever, but mee think that is a lot!! If people still loan from Along, mee dunno what to say. They must remember that Islam never say you have to loan and change new curtain, buy new sofa, TV, and all other things. You just need a new baju raya to celebrate it. If you have more money, donate la to the poor... you will get more, that's for sure!!

Mee got one thing to say, "you support Along, you suffer!" Mee not clever, are you?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Curse Islam, Malay, Tak Apa lah...

You all must already read about Hajjah Sitt Al-Wuzara cursing about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in many blogs. When mee read it, mee noticed that the report about the girl who use the name Hajjah Sitt Al-Wuzara cursing and used dirty language about Prophet Muhammad has been made in May 2011. Now is August already but we don't hear any news about this in newspaper of TV. When Malay do something like this to others (like the church raid is Damansara Utama), sure next day minister say sorry. But when Malay receive cursing, nobody say anything. Malay always say "tak apa lah" because don't want to fight with others and because Malay are so rich with politeness, want to maintain harmony in the country.

Nor Arlene Tan aka Hajjah Sitt Al-Wuzara?

Nor Arlene Tan did not curse Malay but cursed Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) the holy prophet of Islam, the religion of most Malays in Malaysia. See? Malaysia!! If we don't take any action means we are coward. We just let people like Nor Arlene Tan or Hajjah Sitt Al-Wuzara make us shame. Some say that Nor Arlene Tan is not Hajjah Sitt Al-Wuzara and the girl also made police report saying that gaysec tried to dirty her name. We don't know the truth, but we want to know!!! At least people like gaysec do something about this and find the person who like to curse Islam and Malay. At least got some effort.

Have you read about Malay curse about other religion openly in Malaysia? No! Because mee think Malays are good people. Too good that others always take advantage and make joke.

The one who curse and say bad things about Islam and Malay always get away or if got fine also very little. We read about student cursing Malaysia from overseas, modify the Negaraku song and make joke about it, called the Malay as "pig" openly in Facebook, joke about Muslims prayer in Facebook and many others, but these people never got punished. They were also some Malay who forgot about their root and become apostle curse about Islam , Malay and Malaysia. Punish them also lah!!! So, they will continue to do it, cursing Islam, cursing Malay, cursing Malaysia because we always say, "tak apa lah" and because Malay easily forgive and forget.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Can Malaysia Be In The FIFA World Cup, Ever?

When mee say this many people in Malaysia will angry. Mee think Malaysia not qualify to go in FIFA World Cup, ever! Why mee say that? Because you see all countries not clever playing football than Malaysia like Vietnam, Laos even Singapore is better playing than Malaysia. Last night Malaysia lost to Singapore, cannot qualify round 3 FIFA World Cup. Shame!! Play in Malaysia also cannot win!!

Many reasons why Malaysia not clever playing football:

  1. Too many politics - when many politicians get into association, they will take bribe money. Many players don't get the salary because football association no money. Other reason why football association no money is because people don't go to stadium watching football. When play like estate player, who want to waste money and watch, right?
  2. Play for get money only - player for Malaysia only play football to get money. When they get money they will enjoy in pub, disco and many times, dangdut!! Young player have money but go find old women in dangdut, another shame! Some players feel proud when they score goal. They treat all the friends and go yam seng. They tell that they are great like Maradona, Ronaldo or Pele.Old player play for the country, although the salary small only but they are proud. New player only know how to talk big and tackle girls. When play time, like bapok!! Mee laugh when look at people like this! When got suspend by association, they say no money to feed the family! Of course lar.. you already spent in dangdut, stupid!
  3. Not learn from pro - Malaysia has to do this to be clever playing football - learn form the pro. How? Get players from oversea and give them to be Malaysian, what they call? Citizen watch? Oh... citizenship! Many countries do this and after some years, they become good and clever playing football. Other way is to have league like J League in Japan and MLS in USA. Although most players are season from World Cup, but they still have skill and we can learn from them. We can send Malaysia player to oversea to learn football but many don't want because in oversea don't have sambal tempoyak or belacan. Mee laugh again when hear stupid reason like this.
  4. Malaysian like gamble - If you don't believe mee, wait for next World Cup. Sure many bookies come from Malaysia to make money gambling. Long time back, many Malaysia state players caught because of selling game. At that time the football quality not bad. Now FAM say that no more sell game or gamble in Malaysia players. Bull frog!! Still got la!! If you have friend that have friend who play in club or state team, you ask them. Sure they say gamble and selling game still have. The manager and coach will arrange game and set how many score. Like this, forever we will never good playing football.
  5. Football is not for Malaysia - if after many many years of playing football but still not good, mee think football game is not for Malaysia. A lot of money already spent to pay coach, send player oversea, give them bonus but quality not up much. Still play like estate player. So why waste more money to play football, better play sepak raga or gasing!! Maybe we can be world champion.

Mee Is Here! Not Very Clever

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