Friday, August 12, 2011

Along Also Got Hari Raya Promotion

Nowadays Along (some people calling loan shark) also give Hari Raya 2011 Promotion. This is to trap people who need money to buy baju raya or make kuih for Hari Raya. Along say that their rate is low like 1.5% and they can process the application in 30 minutes.

Wa.. so terer one mah, in 30 minutes can process application. Mee think that Banks should get them to work so that can speed the process there. Along must have skills to do this because they got many customers.

This along will charge interest RM5677 a year for RM10,000 loan. Waaa like that one ha? More than 50% is interest? Mee not clever, but mee think that is a lot!! If people still loan from Along, mee dunno what to say. They must remember that Islam never say you have to loan and change new curtain, buy new sofa, TV, and all other things. You just need a new baju raya to celebrate it. If you have more money, donate la to the poor... you will get more, that's for sure!!

Mee got one thing to say, "you support Along, you suffer!" Mee not clever, are you?


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