Friday, July 29, 2011

Mee Is Here! Not Very Clever

Hi! Mee is here. You want to be friend with Mee? Always come to my blog. Mee have a lot of things to say and share with you. Mee love you long time. Not trusting Mee? It's ok, later you sure like Mee one.

This blog don't have Mee Goreng, Mee kuning, Mee Jawa, Mee Kolok, Mee Hailam, Kantonese Mee or other Mee type. It's all about Mee! Are you understanding this? No? Then you are like Mee, not clever!! :)


Welcome buddy. I like Mee Kolok and Mee Kung Fu :-)

are u Sarawakian?.. I like Mee Goreng basah... !!

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